Eastland Class of 1954

Morton Valley


May 3, 2010 Wanda Lee Beck Skinner (c)


           Begin at the Beginning

  Many times we have heard the saying, “Begin at the Beginning.”  In the world of genealogy, since that is impossible I suggest you begin your genealogy study with your own beginning. It is very easy for most of us to tell many stories about us. So to make your life history more interesting to others begin with some of the amusing incidents in your life. Maybe some of the stories that your aunts and uncles love to retell on mistakes or stupid things you did as a youngster. You could also include your preschool experiences, your elementary school events and accomplishments, your hopes and dreams for your future and make certain your describe your belief about God and your choice of a religious affiliation. Some of the events that took place in the community you lived in should tell about the conditions during those early years. Some of my interesting stories in my genealogy are those that included trips back to the site of my parent’s homes and stories from aunts and uncles on the way they lived. I am here to tell you there is a big difference between when my parents grew up and when my grandchildren are growing up. One of my friends calls this putting flesh on those skeletons. I think that describes it pretty well.


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